Monday, April 28, 2008

(Sofobomo) Time is not on my side, but I sold a photo!

I want to finish! But time is slipping, into the future (A truism by the Steve Miller band)

I am close, I have edited the shots down to 108, and may bring them down further depending on how the layout goes.

Some amazing books going up. I hope I get mine done in time

In other news:
I sold my first photograph!

I am now a professional photographer... heh.... it was a framed and matted version of the pic below.
The truck where it happened, #3

It was the fist time I ever displayed my prints in public.

I played a show with my good friend Kenny Schick, we both displayed our prints. We had a great time playing, I opened the show, Kenny and Heather played, then all three of us did 4 songs together.

It was fun!

And there was a documentary crew there ... but thats a long story.
Kenny Schick - Live at the Blue Rock Shoot
Kenny was playing, my favorite, "Calling you" in this shot. The song involves some percussive guitar slaps, very cool. Check out his music

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