Friday, April 4, 2008

Selecting a subject

(Photo: Rambling Jack Elliot, last night, my band opened for him... P.S. he hates having his picture taken while he's playing, and told me so right after this snap)

The book "On being a photographer" by Bill Jay and David Hurn has some great info on this issue ... (From memory here, I loaned the book out)

List the subjects you are interested in
1. Rank them in terms of how passionate you are about them
2. Rank them in terms of how "interesting" they are to your target audience
3. Rank them in terms of how accessible they are (Can you get to them often and easily)
4. Rank them in terms of how photogenic they are
5. Rank them in terms of how knowledgeable you are about them, how much can you say as an expert

At some point in the process the choice will become clear ...

"On being a photographer" is a great photography book ... it contains no pictures.... :)

This has nothing to do with how I selected my subject... I had a business meeting at Stanford and took a walk afterwards with my camera and ran into the Rodin installation.

It's amazing art that photographs well, but is still challenging to work with as it is black(ish) and the surface is shiny so you are mainly working with specular highlights, also because of the dark material managing exposure and dynamic range are tricky .... I digress ....

I decided that I wanted to learn more about Rodin, so it's my mission for SoFoBoMo to learn more about Rodin , then try and express what I learn thru photography.

That being said ... I think I want to try and do 2 books ... because I want a Butzi print and cant afford his normal prices!

I may implement the Jay/Hurn method to select book two, after I finish Book one.

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elfini said...

Hey DB~ I clicked my way here from Flickr. I've always enjoyed your photographs, not sure why I don't have you as a contact yet...
Anyways, I am reading the book "On being a Photographer" now and just finished that chapter. Good stuff in there. I think. Unfortunately I too have been sick so am reading under the influence of Nyquil. I'll just have to start over when I get to the end. :)
But for now I need to go find out what this SoFoBoMo is!