Wednesday, November 12, 2008

On the Road to L.A.

On the Road to L.A., originally uploaded by dbwalker.

I suck as a passenger, I complain and bitch and moan ... and take a lot of pictures.


monstergirlee said...

"I suck as a passenger"
Theres a good joke in there...something about who's "Driving"...pitching and catching...something purient.
But I never knew. It occurs the longest drive we've ever been on together was Paly to Santa Cruz for Peter Tosh, on THE GREAT ROCK WEEKEND.
I've often told the tale; Recording for Maximun Louie louie Thursday before after the all night radio show on KKUP / the Grateful Dead at Frost ampitheatre Saturday afternoon / followed by more Recording for Maximun Louie Louie / Peter Tosh In Santa Cruz on Sunday afternoon / followed by more Recording for Maximum Louie Louie / Laying down for two hours before you woke me up,'We gotta' go see Stevie..." Stevie Ray at the Keystone Palo Alto Sunday night {I'd never even heard of him and it was one of the most amazing shows ever. To this day people freak when I tell them I saw him two weeks before his first record came out.
I lay down on the floor in your room in Jeannies House like a Pharo in his tomb; to sleep a thousand years. I had no address, no regular work, it was one of the greatest times in my entire life.

Himself said...

Dave, somehow my comment got posted as from Charlotte. I suppose she didn't sign out last night. But it was, as you know, a story from the us'ness of when we were part of them who used to be US

dbwalker said...

I didnt think Charlie would go to that joke ... :)

Wow ... I remeber all of those things ... but I forgot it was all in one weekend.

Amazing ... I also had no idea that we saw Stevie two weeks before his first record came out. I just remember that the Keystone was not all that packed, and I could walk up to the front of the stage and just soak it in... 3 feet away from Stevie... wow.

That was an amazing show.

There is still an us-ness ... Cyber Us, memory us ... we aint dead yet!