Monday, November 24, 2008

Old Guitars

Old Guitars, originally uploaded by dbwalker.

Old, broken guitars. The one in front is my first guitar, from 1972 ... the rest are parted out old guitars, and a bass. 1992 strat plus, 1985 Tokai Strat, 1986 Yamaha BB300 bass.


Himself said...

Did you hide the Davo'caster behind those other beasties for filler?
I know the neck shim didn't turn out good, it was a learning curve for Danny, an out of tune guitar for you, but is it B-R-O-K-E-N Broken?
Los David Castre?

dbwalker said...

HAh! The Epiphone and the Dan-O-Caster are in that pile. Neither of which are broken.

The Dan-O-Caster is my slide guitar of choice at home and is leaning against the couch waiting for me to put the guitar hangers up in my new studio.

The Epi is in the closet in a case right now, but the plan is to take it to my rehearsal studio.