Friday, November 14, 2008

The drunken landscapist #1

The drunken landscapist #1, originally uploaded by dbwalker.

The drunken landscapist #1

The drunken landscpist

Crystal springs, San Mateo

It was late, cold and I was tired but the fog was blowing in over the water and the moon was in the right spot so I had to stop. So I parked next to the "No Parking" sign on highway 92.

I had no coat, so I got the right lens on, attached the camera to the tripod and set the camera to bulb mode thinking I was going to go for about 1 and 1/2 min exposure. I did this in the car to minimize the time in the cold with no jacket to protect me.

I got out, ran across the highway and put the tripod down, tried to focus .... couldn't see thru the viewfinder well enough to tell. Autofocus couldn't see either DAMN!

I tripped the shutter accidentally trying to autofocus and thought ... perhaps it would be in focus, and let it run for 9 seconds... I worked with the focus a bit more after that then the cold got to be too much for me and I gave up.

Looking at this exposure, I think if I had stuck it out ... perhaps had a jacket ... the results would have been astounding.

However, now I look at this and I think ... what if I could come up with a set of well composed, moody, blurry, over or under exposed ... well thought out ... but off kilter landscape photos ....

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tetsu said...

Wonderful ambience. :-)