Wednesday, June 4, 2008

SoFoBoMo quick review: Our Robot Overlords Revealed

Link: Our Robot Overlords Revealed, by Matt Alofs

The thing is, these pictures are mundane and ordinary. There is no redeeming quality about them at all ... but then you factor in the name of the project.

Then, all of a sudden, there is life and meaning. It's not 3 air vents, it's a group of sentries standing guard. It's not a vacuum and a garbage can and a box, it's a nuclear family standing in the yard.

This is precisely the thing I love most about photography, and project oriented photography in particular. The context can change the meaning of what you see, sometimes drastically. Sometimes it's the title of the photograph, other times it's just the juxtaposition of several photos. I now see our overlords all over.

This is my favorite (So far) SoFoBoMo book.

Matt: Make a second edition, finish it!


matt~ said...

'There is no redeeming quality about them at all ... '

If I make a second edition, can I use that quote? ;-)

dbwalker said...

Pure hyperbole... I'm sure you realize, but I knew it would raise an eyebrow.