Monday, June 30, 2008

San Francisco, from the eastern span of the Bay Bridge

I've been trying to record a record for a bout 8 years. My dream is to have my band play on it. It just never seems to work out.

Either someone quits, or someone does not have time to set aside to do the recording, or it just plain does not sound good when we do record.

But this time will be different! We will get it done with the new lineup. Tonight ..... we record!


Himself said...

It was the H Man who taught me that getting three or four people in the same room at the same time to do the same thing usually entales one or more of them doing it for different reasons than you such the product is incredibly subjective. With that in mind, and wishing you all the luck in the world, I ask you, how did the recording session turn out?

dbwalker said...

The session did not happen, I had to work late.

But next week ... mmmmm .... We Record!