Monday, July 21, 2008

From the begining

Frets and strings, originally uploaded by dbwalker.

In 1972 I got my first guitar. The guy that gave it to me taught me how to play "Hey mister tambourine man".... I've always felt a bit proud that the first song I ever played was a Dylan tune.

I'm not sure why though. Dylan is a bit of an enigma, at once as deep as the ocean and a shallow as Britney Spears. When Dylan turned his back on the folk movement and applied his considerable talent to a more pop asthetic it makes me feel that all the songs he did before "Like a rolling stone" were just an exercise, experiment, part of a performance art piece that only he knew was going on.

The year that happened ... I was born ... and it still managed to affect me.

Anyway, this pic reminds me of that day, when I was seven years old sitting on the piano bench learning that first song.

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