Tuesday, May 6, 2008

SoFoBoMo Wrapup: Why I love/Hate to talk about gear

(Photo: From a promo shoot for one of the bands I'm in)

In short-
Why I love to talk about gear: I'm a geek/knob twiddling boob.

Why I hate to talk about gear: The knob twiddling boob in me often gets in the way of producing creative output.

There were some great essays (here and here) regarding the question of "Is it the camera or photographer?"

After reading both I decided to tell all my friends to buy the gear listed below, but only if they wanted to be serious photographers. NOT! ... :)

Truly, in photography, music or any other kind of art it is the passion of the individual and the ability to communicate that passion in their medium that matters most. If the person is truly passionate, they will also select the tool that allows them to best communicate that passion. Both of those essays make that point, to me at least.

To that end, these are the tools I used to try and communicate what the Rodin Sculpture Garden at Stanford is like:
Canon G9 point and shoot
Canon 400D XTi

Tamron 17-50mm F2.8
Canon 85mm F1.8
Canon 50mm F1.4
Sigma 30mm F1.4
Canon 75-300 F4-F5.6

In addition, I decided early in this project, not to put any info about the gear used in the book. I also decided to not us the words "me", "mine" or "I" anywhere in the book. The book is not about me, or my gear. The book is about the Rodin Sculpture Garden at Stanford. I have too much respect for the art Rodin created to put anything else in the book that was not on point.

But ... perhaps I should include a BIO in the next book, and a gear list. I did enjoy reading those in the other SoFoBoMo Projects..... :)

Next: Shooting SoFoBoMo Style ... I think ...

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