Sunday, December 28, 2008

Limpid pool of echoing circles

Limpid pool of echoing circles, originally uploaded by dbwalker.

This is a shot of the motel pool I took a few months back on a trip to L.A.

It was the only shutter press I made on film, and stayed in the camera till I got it our for the holidays. I shot 2 rolls of family pics and scanned them in and found it.

Generally, I hate it when people say "No photoshop used", because I could care less... but this shot has no manipulation in it. defaults on the film scanner, and just a white point adjustment in PS. All that texture is from the film... amazing ...

The same shot with my digital was ... lackluster, and did not even make the cut (Was deleted).

Fuji Superia 800, Elan7E, 50mm F1.4 ... shot @ F5.6 I think

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Himself said...

I think that "all that texture" is one of the reasons people will be using Film for a long time to come. So often it's the artifact a medium leaves that becomes the nuance we react to.
Oh, and Happy New Year too.